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portable luggage scales Is it time for some new luggage? Here, we weigh in with a quick look at some of the market leading travel brands, including favourites from Australia, Japan and the U.S.A. Wheels help a lot. wheeled rucksacks, trolley bags, cabin luggage or lightweight suitcases can dramatically improve your travel experience, however heavy your luggage. The quality wheel systems used on Eastpak, Jansport and Caribee are tough and reliable. Their use of lightweight materials such as ABS polycarbonate helps a lot too.

On the other hand, by using carefully chosen (and wisely packed) cabin luggage instead of a suitcase you travel much faster - as well as travelling light. The Caribee Fast Track 85 wheeled travel pack is marketed on this very idea.

Avoiding excess baggage charges by using Luggage Scales - airlines are getting stricter in the current economic climate. Luggage Scales help you to make the most of the baggage allowance for each member of your party. Personally I favour any lightweight Portable Travel Luggage Scale - so I can check that my bargain souvenirs aren't building up to an expensive level of excess baggage charges.

Novelty items can be both fun and useful - the original 'Ducti wallets'. 'Ducti wallets and bags' are actually constructed totally from duct tape - they're tough, and have nickel plated rivets for added durability, with space for cards and other stuff - even a pocket for your plectrum (handy if you travel with your guitar), and an optional chain so you don't lose it!

Don't Forget the Suntan Lotion!

The suntan lotion you can buy on holiday isn't always high quality - and who wants the inconvenience of tracking it down when you should be relaxing, anyway?

Remember to add a bottle or two of top-brand Suntan Lotion when you're next shopping at amazon - just add one when you order your guide-book or holiday novel.

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For families with young children, TRUNKI has to be the winner on this page. Dragons Den may not have known a good thing when they saw it, but parents have definitely given Trunki the thumbs up - especially the Gruffalo Trunki

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Trunki's "Hand-Luggage Approved" Rucksack
I imagine the latest Trunki Boost A Pak - a "hand-luggage approved" rucksack which doubles as a booster seat - will be equally well received.