Current Offers and Opportunities for Travellers: USING YOUR TRAVEL PHOTOS: Great Offers - so Make the Most of your Travel Photography!


Paper and Beyond . . . Printing Your Photos

Have you been on your travels, returned with a haul of terrific holiday photographs, and now want to show off your terrific shots in more imaginative ways than usual?

These great discounts and other offers for photographers will help you out of a rut, whether you want to display your travel photos digitally or in print.

If you prefer to keep things digital, see our feature about displaying and sharing your photos digitally.

Calendars, Cards or Photo Books

Get your photos printed up - but don't stop at that! Grab the opportunity fo create your own postcards, greetings cards and calendars. You can even put together a photo book - you don't need any experience at all. It's dead simple, and - let's face it - nothing, but nothing beats the feeling of holding your own real book in your hands.

Photo books are so much easier to use and share than photo albums or digital albums stored away on your computer. Your friends and family will value it too - order them an extra copy or pore over your own copy together on the sofa. Just pick it up and put it down - for a moment or an hour - no hassle, but tons of of satisfaction!

BonusPrint isn't the only photography printer to offer such services - but I've used them for years for my printing and they certainly know what they're doing. I felt quite smug to discover that 'Which?' (the consumer organisation) named BonusPrint the Digital Printing 'Best Buy' last year . . .

IMOH, they offer a great all round service - they can print digital photos, photo gifts, photo books, photo cards and canvas prints. They even do film processing, and offer a Web Album facility.



The lovely colours and soft feel are wonderful way of making photos inside safe plastic pockets intosomething beautiful for a child. The mirror at the back of the book is a master stroke - having looked at the people in the photos children can then look themsleves!

Book Size: 250 x 250cm, with 8 large themed fabric pages
Size of photo pockets: 6 x 4 inches
3 months +

>> Buy soft photo album (amazon)

Also see: Whoozit Photo Album from Manhattan Toys


You'll get more mileage from your travel photos if you
turn them into 'Photo Gifts'

BonusPrint Online Print Shop

BonusPrint have also added a New Online Print Shop which can handle all your business-style printing:

Get 25% OFF Leaflet, Flyer, Poster printing


Like to print out your own photos yourself, at home?

You'll be needing supplies . . .
Here we have photo paper (from Photo Paper Direct and ink (from the Ink Factory) for your printer.

If you need a printer (or even if you don't!) - zip along to our travel photography equipment page . . .
we've discovered a printer that's so tiny – and so effective – that on your travels you might find yourself printing-as-you-go . . . honestly!

Hmmm. . . would your family like a DIY postcard??

Bringing photos to life with sounds


AUDIOPHOTOGRAPHY - Bringing photos to life with sounds AUDIOPHOTOGRAPHY - Bringing photos to life with sounds
by David M. Frohlich

An academic approach to the role of sound in photography - audiophotography - treating it a new medium in its own right. Detailed 'user studies', consumers' own critiques of new media content they have generated themselves, an overview of audiophoto content and technology.

>> buy 'Audiophotography' (amazon)