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Obviously these photo reated offers will appeal to anyone interested in photography, not just travel photographers. Two offers I love are Animoto and PhotoTraining4U. Both come with my own personal recommendation. I use both with huge enthusiasm.

ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY TRAINING Take better holiday photos - online training from PhotoTraining4U

I love 'PhotoTraining4U' with Mark Cleghorn. I first met him at an Imaging exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, and thought he was a really good teacher. His online photography training videos are brilliant.

opportunity There's also the possiblity that you could earn a place as one of the few select apprentices who Mark mentors each year.

Even if you don't get one of the apprentice places, you can still get personal instruction from Mark in several ways. 'PhotoTraining4U' has just introduced regular Friday evening Online Photo Critique sessions. These Photo Critiques are already very popular - practical and helpful! There are also frequent opportunities to attend real life photography training sessions with Mark.

Books, Reviews and Offers

travel photograpers: portfolios and  book  reviews We have special section for books about travel photography in the Traditional Egypt book store.

Inspirational portfolio books by award-winning photojournalists and travel photographers - such as 'Twilight Visions in Egypt's Nile Delta' by Ann Parker, and books about photography in Egypt - 'Cairo: From Edge to Edge' by Sonallah Ibrahim are included, for inspiration. How To Improve Your Travel Photography - book  reviews and  offers

There are also plenty of educational/training materials for learning about travel photography. 'Digital Masters: Travel Photography: Documenting the World's People and Places' by award-winning National Geographic photographer, Bob Krist, is highly recommended - a more comprehensive guide to travel photography than most.

Digital Travel Photography Digital Field Guide

'The Photographer's Eye Field Guide: The Essential Handbook for Traveling with Your Digital SLR Camera' by Michael Freeman is worth looking at too . . .

Books about Photography in Egypt What is your own photographic journey? To make better images of the places and people you love around the world? Or those in your own backyard? We have plenty of great books to help you express your photographic vision of people, places and cultures, just waiting for you to dive in - all with reviews and links to amazon for the best prices!


The travel photography market is a particularly hard field to break into. Studying the target market - including travel magazines such as those featured here - is always a good first move. Some magazines also have features specifically to educate photographers.

Selling Your Photography - target magazines for travel photographers  - Geographical  Magazine GEOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE
- including "GEOPHOTO"

The monthly "Geophoto" Feature provides detailed, expert advice for photographers from Keith Wilson, the editorial director of Outdoor Photography and Black and White Photography. He explains how to capture extraordinary images, even when working in difficult or unfamiliar conditions (different weather conditions, locations and situations), as is so often the case when travelling. The "Geophoto" Feature is designed promote readers' photographic knowledge and skills to an award-winning level. "Geophoto" also highlights important 'dos and don'ts' of typical travel photography and recommends essential photographic equipment.

The Ten Questions 'behind the lens' feature coaxes top tips from professional photographers, asking about everything from 'who inspires you' to 'what's in your kit bag'. Professional Photographer Magazine

Superb photography is a crucial component of Geographical Magazine . Images are sourced from photographers, photojournalists and picture libraries from around the world. Photographers view Geographical magazine both as a potential market and a source of inspiration, with quality photography and award-winning journalism. The magazine's range is worldwide - cultural stories, travel features, scientific breakthroughs, reports on current expeditions worldwide, nature, wildlife and issues affecting the environment. Conde Nast Traveller  Magazine


Conde Nast Traveller is another prestigious travel title which is a potential market if you're selling quality travel photograpy.

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