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Don't just travel - get paid!
Train to become a language teacher and teach English abroad.

Getting a recognised TEFL qualification from a properly accredited, reputable provider is a great idea.

The TEFL qualifaction is highly regarded and certainly does lead to jobs in real life. On my travels, I have met plenty of happy TEFL teachers.
I would like to recommend a good quality, reliable TEFL course provider - any help would be welcome, please do contact me, but I need unbiased advice — from an accrediting body or an experienced user please, not from a provider.

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Egyptian Arabic Books


See our Arabic Language Learning - resources, reviews and offers

Reviews of useful resources for Language Learning: Egyptian Arabic Are you Learning Egyptian Arabic for travel, business, study or pleasure?

In our Language Learning section, we feature reviews of useful resources for Language Learning. Our emphasis is on Egyptian Arabic, but you will find that many of the resources are available for other languages too.

Children's Arabic Language Learning Materials

We also have great variety of Children's Books for Language Learning: Arabic Children's Egyptian Arabic Language Learning Materials - Resources, reviews and offers for Schools and Families

  • Books - including sticker books and picture books
  • Games and Toys for Arabic Language Learning
  • Flashcards for Arabic Language Learning
  • Audio Books / resources for Arabic Language Learning

Go to our Children's Arabic Language Learning section

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