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A holiday in Luxor is plain sailing - but we understand that, for many travellers, anticipation is half the fun of any holiday. If you are such a traveller these holiday information pages are for you!

All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but do check important facts for yourself - especially those relating to key holiday information such as flights or passports / visas.

Language is no problem - you can easily get by with English - and getting an Egyptian visa is cheap and easy, especially with a British passport. You can usually fill in a simple form on arrival and pay the fee (about £10 GBP) at Luxor airport. You rarely need to apply in advance for a tourist visa - only for a business visa.

The climate is very hospitable - even the heat of summer is a dry heat which doesn't sap your energy - but we do recommend that you choose air-conditioned holiday accommodation to help you stay comfortable whilst you acclimatise to the heat.

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Money in Egypt

Egypt: Climate, Weather & Time

  • When to Visit Luxor - Climate / Weather
    Luxor has a wonderful climate. With sunshine all year, hot summers, and warm winters (with cool nights) every traveller can find a season to enjoy - especially as our self catering holiday apartment has efficient air conditioning!
  • Climate in Egypt

Egypt: Visas / Passports

  • It's easy to get your tourist visa on arrival at Luxor Airport.
    (Alternatively, apply in person at the Consulate, or by post - but we can't think why anyone would bother just for a tourist visa! It's cheaper and easier to do it on arrival.)
  • British / EU nationals do require a visa for travel to Luxor (at the time of writing).
  • Passport must be valid for 6 months (minimum) from first travel date.
  • Single entry one-month tourist visas for Egypt cost around £10 (GBP). Single and Multiple Entry Visas for Egypt are valid for 6 months and allow you a maximum 3 months stay in Egypt.
  • Business visa applications require a letter from the Company employing you, stating the reason for your visit.

Egyptian Consulate
More info about visas.
downloadable Visa Application form / fees.

The information covers how to apply for a visa in person, by post or for a third party, as well as the requirements for passports and photograph.


Many people call Luxor 'the hassle capital of the world'. Tipping ("Baksheesh!") is part of the culture, between Egyptians (of every status) and between Egyptians and tourists. Tipping in Egypt differs markedly in from tipping in the UK. Tips are paid instead of wages, not as pleasant extra. See Money for more info on how tipping ("Baksheesh!") works, how to bargain when you're shopping - and how to cope with money issues generally!


  • No vaccinations are required for tourists travelling from the UK - but before travelling anywhere it is always wise to check your personal situation and the current situation in in the country you are visiting.
  • Swine Flu is present in Egypt.
  • Bilharzia may be present in the slower flowing parts of the Nile - don't bathe in the Nile or drink water from the river. You may see locals doing so - but don't join in!

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