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British Embassy in Cairo
7 Ahmed Ragheb Street
Garden City

Tel: (002) (02) 2791 6135

Office hours (Local Time):
Sun-Wed: 0800-1530 hrs
Thurs: 0800-1400 hrs

A list of British Embassies in Egypt can be found on the
British Embassy website

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Flag of Egypt The new year started with a risk of indiscriminate attacks across Egypt following an explosion outside a Coptic Church in Alexandria.

Disclaimer: Any advice on this website is based on journalistic research. Do not rely on it for your safety: refer to the appropriate authorities such as the FCO. You follow advice on this website at your own risk.

Towards the end of January 2011, tens of thousands began protests, to end President Hosni Mubarek's rule. On January 29 President Mubarek dismissed his cabinet and prepared to appoint a new cabinet, but refused to stand down. Headline news talks of heavy handed policing of protest rallies and disruption of communications to try and limit the spread of unrest, and tanks and solidiers on the streets.

Emotive words such as 'turmoil', 'deadly', and 'crisis' are being used.

The FCO advised travellers: "exercise extra caution in public areas and heed instructions from the local security authorities who may insist on escorting you in some areas. Carry photo identification and co-operate fully with officials."

EgyptAir suspends flights out of Cairo
News about Holidays in Egypt

EgyptAir suspended flights out of Cairo from Friday 28th January 2011.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice / News about Egypt

By 28 January 2011 the FCO had not advised against travel to Egypt, but were advising visitors to Egypt to avoid political gatherings and demonstrations. They were also "keeping the advice under constant review." A curfew was in place (between 1800 and 0700 local time) in Cairo, Alexandra and Suez. There are no travel restrictions in place in Egypt.

Important: The advice reported here may not be current - checkthe FCO website for up to date Egypt travel advice‎.

Security Beyond Borders have reported that Police in Egypt were confiscating tourists' cameras and video cameras local hotels.

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague recognised that the Egyptian people had "legitimate grievances, economic grievances and political grievances, and it’s very important for the authorities to respond positively to that and to be able to hold out the hope and prospect of reform in the future", and that Egypt needs to move in the direction of political reform.

for British Nationals

British nationals may register with 'LOCATE' so that they can be found more easily in an emergency.

This service is not only for travellers in Egypt, but can be used by British nationals travelling anywhere.

News from Egypt, New Year, 2011

28th January 2011
EgyptAir flights suspended

29 January 2011
Egypt’s Red Sea Resorts Remain Open
The FCO now advises against all but essential travel to Egypt, except for the Red Sea resorts. Onward travel via Cairo airport is also considered acceptable.

1 February 2011
Cairo Charter Flight for British nationals
UK is sending a charter flight to Cairo tomorrow, to allow British nationals who wish to leave Egypt to do so

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