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EGYPT: Red Sea Region Guide Books for Travellers Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Mount Sinai, Gulf Of Suez, Marsa Alam

Dive Guides and other diving-related books are featured separately.


Photographic Print:  Windsurfer Starting Line at World Championships, Red Sea

A selection of the most highly regarded travel guides for use 'on location' in the Red Sea region of Egypt

The Red Sea Wreck, Giannis D EGYPT: RED SEA RESORTS 2010 HotSpots Guide

Egypt's Red Sea resorts are set amongst diverse landscapes, often with excellent cuisine, amazing beaches and good nightlife.

This recent Thomas Cook's 'HotSpots Guide' (2010 - but earlier editions exist) is pocket-size - but packed with all you need to know to get the best out of your chosen resort, from nightlife to shopping, beaches and sports and other activities. Colour maps and photographs, a menu decoder, descriptions of fun excursions and scenic trips, fiestas and markets make this a useful book for travellers.

The 'HotSpots' series focusses on popular sun destinations worldwide.

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The Red Sea has long been popular for its wonderful climate, and relaxed cultural norms in Sharm el Sheikh in particular, where alcohol and scantily clad women seem to be more easily accepted than elsewhere. Despite man-eating shark scares and political unrest in 2011, the Red Sea area of Egypt has kept its tourist industry remarkably alive and well.

We include the obvious choices of guidebooks: Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Berlitz - but you should also find a few happy surprises!

Amongst the Red Sea's graveyard of ships is abundant dazzling underwater life - and the coastline is beautifully varied, with some wonderful shoreline coral reefs.

Divers love Egypt - Diving and snorkelling in Egypt is well established, and adventurous travellers will find dive centres throughout the Red Sea - and at other locations.

See our specialist feature about Diving in Egypt and our reviews of specialist dive guides.


Recent: 2010 LONELY PLANET DISCOVER EGYPT by Anthony Sattin, Michael Benanav and Matthew D. Firestone (Paperback - Dec 2010)

From the Sinai Desert and Bedouin culture, to the the abundant underwater reef-life and world-class diving of the Red Sea Coast, the Colonial architecture of Cairo, and the ancient wonders of Luxor . . . There's nowhere like Egypt.

Recent: 2010 LONELY PLANET'S BEST IN TRAVEL 2011 by Lonely Planet (paperback, 2010)

One of the 'Best' according to Lonely Planet is "diving amid Red Sea corals in the Dahlak Archipelago" . . .


Well organised, and with helpful colour coding, all areas of Egypt are covered in depth with plenty of colour photographs. Full colour fold-out maps are useful for orientation when you arrive in a new place. Content includes: Concise history and 'cultural tips' sections throughout the guide; Leisure activity suggestions from shopping in bazaars to felucca rides along the Nile or diving in the Red Sea; Tips for travelling with children; Event calendar; Local food specialities and listings of good places to eat and drink; info about hotels (all budgets), health, transport, climate and language, travelling in Egypt with disabilities.

EGYPT RED SEA COAST 2008 (Berlitz Pocket Guide)

Desert safaris, diving on coral reefs, Biblical sites, beach side bars and more . . .

This book really does fit into a pocket - but still manages to cram in tons of useful info about Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Mount Sinai as well as the Gulf of Suez and the coastal region all the way to Marsa Alam and the far south.

RECENT ! Egypt  Footprint Handbook 2008 EGYPT FOOTPRINT HANDBOOK 2009 by Vanessa Betts and Cherine Badawi (Footprint Travel Guides)

Whether you want to dive the Red Sea, sail down the Nile in a felucca or uncover temples and tombs in the heat and dust of the desert, this guide has them all. Aimed at the more adventurous and independent-minded traveller who wants to 'to really experience Egypt' this guide includes diving tips, from liveaboards to PADI courses, and coevrs the code of responsibility for reef divers.

Other recommended activities are desert safaris, lake fishing and trekking.

CLEAN BREAKS: 500 NEW WAYS TO SEE THE WORLD by Richard Hammond and Jeremy Smith (Rough Guides, 2009)

Put together the Guardian's Green Travel Correspondent and a former editor of The Ecologist Magazine, and what do you get? Worthy but tedious holidays, lacking in luxury?

Far, Far from it!

Enjoy 'green accommodation' which is chic, and 'green lodges' which are luxurious. No need to scarifice your 'green' aspirations. Clean Breaks encourages eco-friendly, culturally sensitive travel and explains carbon footprint and carbon offset programs.

Richard Hammond and Jeremy Smith have even unearthed inspirational green opportunities for holiday makers who just want to be entertained, and for volunteers . . . bet you never thought of volunteering at a griffon sanctuary?

Red Sea dive safaris are featured, of course, but if under sea adventure isn't for you - why not relax in a desert sea at Adrére Amellal (Egypt) instead? Or be more energetic and go camel trekking in southern Sinai . . .

A worthwhile and beautiful book.


Amazing Planet Earth: From Egypt To Israel  (DVD - 2008) AMAZING PLANET EARTH: FROM EGYPT TO ISRAEL (DVD, 2008) QUESTAR, All Regions

From underwater explaration in of the Red Sea to skimming the surface of the Nile on a variety of cruises, 'Amazing Planet Earth' leads viewers on a guided tour of Egypt. We are taken on tours of the Valley of the Kings - and many other splendours of Egypt - before moving to Israel via Suez Canal to the Sinai Desert.

Specialist books page:

Nature in Egypt

More about the underwater life in the Red Sea . . .


Herge's Adventures Of Tintin: The Red Sea Sharks, Tintin In Tibet etc THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE RED SEA SHARKS, TINTIN IN TIBET, THE CALCULUS AFFAIR by Herge (Hardcover, 2007)

Three Tintin books collected into smaller (21.6 x 15.5cm), hardbacked multi-volume format.

Bab El Ehr's spy and the Emir in 'The Red Sea Sharks' are two of the Tintin characters quoted in 'Tintin and the Secret of Literature' (Tom McCarthy, Granta Books, 2007). It's entertaining to read the range of opinions about this book on amazon . . . the comments range from a succinct: 'Extremely pretentious' to more detailed warning-off: "suffocates its subject with far too much earnest theory and no mischief or laughter. . . nearly draws all the juice out of Herge's light-touched, mysterious and beautiful masterpieces with the usual dull postmodernist gabble of signs and signifiers and secrets" Then there are the downright scathing, referring to the book as an overlong undergraduate essay in which: "The author has too little intellectual reference and too much time on his hands." Hmm. Someone found that it changed their opinion of post modernism as a 'pretentious dead end', saying "next stop foucault" - which says . . . what? Not a dead end? Merely prententious?

I don't think I'll be reading this one.
more about educational books referring to Egypt are available in our section.

Other Tintin books set in Egypt are also available in this small collection format: 'The Cigars of the Pharaoh' and 'The Blue Lotus' are collected together with 'Tintin in America'

Tintin's Travel Diaries - Egypt TINTIN'S TRAVEL DIARIES - EGYPT by Martine Noblet (Barron's Educational Series, paperback, 1995)

76 entertaining pages which also answer questions about ancient Egypt, the Pyramids, hieroglyphics, the Copts, the Bedouin, Muhammad, Islam, the Phoenicians, and Jerusalem.

Another book in the Tintin's Travel Diaries series, 'Egypt and the Middle East' (by Daniel De Bruycker) is currently unavailable.



The record of a 19th century expedition by canoe: "A canoe cruise in Palestine and Egypt, and the Waters of Damascus".