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An Introduction to Egypt's City on the Mediterranean

Borg al Arab Airport
replaced Alexandria International Airport in March 2010.

Alexandria is a popular summer resort on Egypt's Mediterranean coast, with beaches, unique maritime archaeology (some now accessible as recreational diving sites) and a stunning range of ancient history.

Alexandria has, in her colourful history, embraced a variety of Pharaonic, Muslim, Greek, Roman and Christian cultures, influenced by multitudes of cultures which converged on her harbour.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria The famous Lighthouse of Alexandria - one of the Seven Wonders of the World - used to stand - 450 ft tall, apparently - on the 'island' of Pharos, but was destroyed by an earthquake in the 14th century; of all the 'seven wonders', only the Great Pyramid of Giza survived longer. Divers can now buy local permit (from a local dive centre) for recreational diving on the Pharos Lighthouse site.

Earthquakes have always been a problem here; Cleopatra VII's palace started subsiding in the 4th century AD, not only from the shaking, but also having been flooded by tsunami. "The Sunken Royal Quarters" are now a dive site. The Ancient Library of Alexandria was the largest in the ancient world. Julius Caesar accidentally burned the library down whilst burning his own boats (to disrupt enemy communication by sea), according to Plutarch, but it suffered several catastrophes and was rebuilt several times.

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Detail of the outer wall of The Royal Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt Detail of the outer wall of The Royal Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt, Captured by Alaa Abd Al-Rahman, AhmadSherif

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